Friday, December 12, 2008

DIY Discussion Forum

I will be leading a discussion forum on DIY lifestyles, specifically DIY gifts and holiday decorating at Gallery 5 next Wednesday Dec 17Th 7-9pm, hosted by Haustalk. Im really excited to finally have an opportunity to
"purge" all the info I have accumulated over the last 10 years.

There will be an organized craft that everyone can participate in, lots of info on resources, tools, and ideas.If you are planning on joining us remember this is an open discussion, please bring your own ideas, your resources, books and websites you love.

I am very passionate about this subject and happy that I have been asked to share my ideas, I grew up in an environment that encouraged creativity, free thinking, and being resourceful. I believe these attributes are at the heart of the DIY lifestyle. It makes me smile that our culture is finally embracing this lifestyle as well, it may be a product of the economy or realizing the damaging effects that our lash living has done to our environment. But the universe has a way of correcting its self, balancing its self out. Sometimes it swing too far in one direction and we need to open our eyes and make changes to our living habits. There has been a DIY movement brewing steadily for the past few years and I hope that it will not just be a trend but place its feet firmly in every household.

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