Monday, August 16, 2010

Our boy is here!!

Nile Zanin Clarke McGurk was born at 1 :54 monday 8/9/10. He weighed 71b 15 oz and 19 inches long. Jean at St. Francis was our midwife and she was the best!!

My contractions started at 3am on sunday morning i had 1 every hr until 8pm then they kicked up to 5 mins apart til 11:30. We drove to the hospital around 12 which was not a fun drive, I crawled thur the parking lot and was greeted by a patient in the emergency room with a wheel chair!! A very nice police officer wheeled me up stairs as the all the people in the waiting room cheered and wished me luck!!

I checked at 5 cent. 100% effaced and station 1 when I arrived in my room. After they montoried the baby for 20 mins Jean checked me at 7 cent. station 2!! I labored on my feet with my elbows on the bed my husband across from me with our hands locked in a sort of arm wrestling lock. He would hold me up with every contraction. Jean suggested I go in the birthing tub, which we did for about 30 mins, this was the best the water cooled me off and took the weight off my legs it felt so good to splash water on my face! This defiantly the best way to labor. I started to feel like I wanted to push so we got out of the bath and Jean checked me at 10 cent!! With my 1 st push my water broke, 3 pushes later Nile was born!! Happy & healthy, we stayed the min. 24hrs and came home early tuesday!
He nurses like a champ and has been sleeping in 4/5 hrs stretches!

Mama is a little weird about posting picures but Im sure I will in a few weeks!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Nursing Covers

I just added some nursing covers to my Franklin Goose page. They are getting ready for Breast Feeding awareness month in August! (something I will be doing alot of, I only have 3 more weeks til my little one arrives!)

FRONT recycled from an old velour track suit
BACK includes a soaker made from the same velour

I am also working on posting reusable snack bags made from PUL ( same fabric that makes diapers water proof) and a few diapers made from recycled fabrics

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bento give away and more...

There is a great bento giveaway going on at Another Lunch and it benefits a child in need!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What did you wear?

So Im taking a casual poll as to what most women choose to wear to labor in. With my 1st son I wore a poly cotton blk mid thigh length tank night gown. Know I know 99.9 % of most woman end up in the buff when hard labor and delivery starts ( as I did too!).And those hospital gowns are not an option for me, I even but it in my birth plan! dont ask me to but that on its not going to happen..haha! But I think its important to have a special gown or shirt that you don't wear until that moment you know your laboring. I choose not to wash the gown I wore when I was in labor with Brix, I still have it unwashed in a special "baby" box along with a large piece of hair that I cut before I washed that day out of my hair.

Im am thinking with this baby I am going to opt for a tank cami with a built in bra, what did you wear when you labored??

Monday, June 21, 2010

Amy Butler organic towels!

These arrived today (thanks mom!)Lime and Orange 1st and 3rd from left to right!! They look great in my newly painted bathrooms....err uh ... well one down one to go. Im also finished with my Franklin Goose swim diaper orders!!! all in all I think I made close to 50. Although I wasn't able to attend the Tiffany open house at The VMFA I did receive this..

7 more weeks to go, Im hoping he waits until the end of the 1st week of August to arrive, I stop working the 2nd week of July so that will give mw a nice two weeks to relax and sew some diapers for him!! I really like this newborn pattern..

Monday, June 7, 2010

I cheated on you!!

Im not going to even comment on my lack of blog post in months, all I can say is Im busy! Ive been busy helping my husband move his restaurant, busy making a recreation of a Loie Fuller dress for the VMFA, busy making over 80 back ordered swim diapers for Franklin Goose and oh yeah busy growing a baby!!!

I did cheat a little and was asked to write a blog for Franklin Goose about homemade beauty products you can check it out here

I have been documenting my work and when this little guy comes in aug. and things slow down I'm sure I will be making a few late nite nursing post!

Things Ive been working are more cloth diapers, fitted hemp crib sheets, cloth baby wipes made from organic 14 oz terry cloth ( heaven!!) a new diaper bag of my own design no pattern thank you very much!!

cheers Jenny

Friday, March 26, 2010

I want to make this, sans the oilcloth to toxic for my new baby boy, I'll use this instead arriving soon here.

And this, for Brixton's, Oh and this to match my wallet.

OH well back to "work" making these