Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Oil Cloth Ideas

OH! how my head is spinning with ideas I see diaper bags,wetbags,changing pads...awhh. I hope that these are not the vinyl PVC oilcloth but the enviro- friendly cotton laminated kind! Thank You Anna

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mac Laptop Stickers

I want one please!

Franklin Goose

Ninny's Nappies products are now available at a great new website Franklin Goose, they specialize in natural and organic baby products! More Ninny's products being added each week!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

whats inside??

1st bento
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black beans and peas, pita & sunflower butter sammy, cinnimon ceral squares, pears and grapes!

panda bento

panda bento
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I just made my 1st bento box lunch for Brixton. He is the only kid in his class who brings his lunch, 1. because he is the only vegetarian, 2. because we eat 80 to 90 % organic, so I feel that it is my responsibility to provide a lunch that is up to my standards. I never want him to fell different, weird or the odd man out because of this, so I try to make his lunches fun, exciting and something to be envied! probably because way back in 1983/84 when I was 7 or 8 ish and I declared my vegetarianism I was completely ridiculed by my fellow peer for years.

Any way I have always been aware of the world of bento boxes but it wasnt until I found this that I really got excited about doing my own! so here is my 1st. You can find tons of info on where to by them, recipes, and other blogs devoted to bento. I bought mine at J-Box, I really tried to buy one locally, I searched everywhere, Tan A market, World Of Mirth,Mongrels, no luck. The only place I found them was at Tokyo Market, but the ones that the wonderful owner had where very grown up or too big, she did share with me a few stores of the bento boxes she had while growing, and if I ever buy one for my self I will surely get there! I did buy some child size chopsticks with lions on them! Enjoy! and hope my little guy enjoys his surprise tomorrow

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vegan Lightning McQueen Cake

I made a vegan strawberry Lightning McQueen Cake for Brix for his 3rd birthday!
I used 100% organic ingredients and organic vegetable dyes here is how I did it!

I used a vegan icing recipe from La Dolce Vegan it is really easy

Earth Balance vegan butter
Powdered Sugar
Soy milk
Vanilla extract

I don't usually follow measurements so i just mixed in all together until I got a glaze like consistency, the cake recipe I got here. I left out the liqueur part and added extra jam I also added small pieces of strawberries.2 days before I made the cake I made the dye, it was pretty simple except the red, here goes

Yellow= turmeric about 1/2 a teaspoon

blue= blueberries( must be fresh or the dye will come out more purple) I brought them to boil with water and corn starch then simmered until they thicked up, then pureed it in my Magic Bullet which is may favorite kitchen gadget! cooled it off then added a table spoon to the glaze

brown=coco I melted 1 table spoon vegan chocolate chips with 2 tablespoons coco, cooled and mixed it into the glaze

red= beets, chop 3 large beets and cook in water to a boil, then cook for 45 mins on med heat then simmer for an hour. Then puree beet "sauce" return to pot and cook for another 30 mins. The trick here is to cook out most of the liquid so you get a paste, cool it off and mix 1 tablespoon it into glaze. You will never get a red red with beets its always going to be a little on the raspberry side unless you cook a dozen beets down for 2 days! For cake pan my mother in law bought me one from Michael's!
Also I feel its important todo everything in stages, make the dye 3 days in advance, then the cake the second day, then ice it the day of. That way you don't spend 10hrs in the kitchen and everything gets 24hrs to set up in the fridge

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are...

there at my kitchen table!!!

It is only half complete in this picture. I will post more after we go see the movie on the Wild Things birthday this saturday.

Its all things Halloween here, Day of the Dead alters, sugar skull making, pumpkin pancakes, such a good idea I made walnut, blueberry, banana, pumpkin and chocolate batchs on Sunday morning and we have been enjoying them allweek haunted hay rides!

every year our mantel gets transferred in to an alter to honor Jonny, and now Kevin Kat