Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bad News for Small Craft Business

I just read a post on Modern Junes blog. about a new law by the CPSIA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. And I am shocked, I am new to crafting as a business and had no idea this was about to happen. I encourage everyone to read though all the research Kelly has done, sign this petiton. and spread the word.

I am as a mom as well and would never want anything toxic in anything my child or any child played with or wore, but I agree with everything Kelly has to say as far as it being to broad of a law.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've been a busy bee lately, I have a lot of new thing happing at the store. New classes, a cloth diaper revolution is coming your way... Most of my time has been spent starting an Etsy store here is a preview of my baby slings called NINNY SLINGS that I designed, and have been making as gifts to friends and family, so after many request to offer them for sale ,coming in January they will be for sale in the store and on Etsy as well as a selection of fabric and nursing shawls

My slings are unique because they have a pocket large enough for a diaper, wipes and your wallet, for those quick trips to the store when you dont need to luge a diaper bag in. As well as a d-ring for your keys or a to hook a small toy.

They are reverse able and can double as a changing pad

Jamie from WOCK gave me a great hair cut on friday! yes it short very very very short and I love it! I love how cutting off a bunch of hair makes your feel thinner. She even came to me at the store, I have been working with her husband Tom sewing reverse able bamboo knit hats that will be for sale at Alchemy Boutique soon

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fabric Stash Swap Meet

When all the craziness of the holidays have settled, and the champagne from New Years has worn off. We tend to come out of the Holiday fogs, and clean! In stead of throwing away, those scraps of fabrics that you dont need or want anymore, come to fleur's 1st Fabric Stash Swap. Maybe some will cherish that piece of fabric that you can't stand looking at anymore.. and maybe you will find a great treasure!!

Its free to participate but you must bring items to swap! This is a donation type of swap, be willing to give away what you have brought even if you walk away empty handed.

Tea and coco will be served!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

going grey

I found a grey hair on my head tonight when I was getting ready to go to bed. I have one of those magnifying mirrors that lets you see every pore you never new you had.

At first I was shocked,I cant have a grey hair I thought I'm too young. Then I took a second look...yup there was another one, then another, maybe 1/2 a dozen total.

Wow I must be under a lot of stress to have that many grey hairs just pop up over night,who was I going to blame George Bush, the economy, the tax man, ... wait a minute how long have they been there, a week, a month, 6 months?

Have been too busy with life to notice that I, I had grey hairs. It made me think about my friend Helen, she is beautiful, intelligent, funny, easy going, adventurous, creative, out going, social, happy, and she has an entire head full of the most gorgeous shade of grey hair.....and I smiled, that maybe I was little bit more like her now.

Friday, December 12, 2008

DIY Discussion Forum

I will be leading a discussion forum on DIY lifestyles, specifically DIY gifts and holiday decorating at Gallery 5 next Wednesday Dec 17Th 7-9pm, hosted by Haustalk. Im really excited to finally have an opportunity to
"purge" all the info I have accumulated over the last 10 years.

There will be an organized craft that everyone can participate in, lots of info on resources, tools, and ideas.If you are planning on joining us remember this is an open discussion, please bring your own ideas, your resources, books and websites you love.

I am very passionate about this subject and happy that I have been asked to share my ideas, I grew up in an environment that encouraged creativity, free thinking, and being resourceful. I believe these attributes are at the heart of the DIY lifestyle. It makes me smile that our culture is finally embracing this lifestyle as well, it may be a product of the economy or realizing the damaging effects that our lash living has done to our environment. But the universe has a way of correcting its self, balancing its self out. Sometimes it swing too far in one direction and we need to open our eyes and make changes to our living habits. There has been a DIY movement brewing steadily for the past few years and I hope that it will not just be a trend but place its feet firmly in every household.

Monday, December 8, 2008

What's so special about Organics?

Offering a variety of organic fabrics is very important at fleur fabrics. Some customers are very new to the "green" movement and I am asked often by customers...

What's so special about organic fabric? ....hmm what is so special about em?

My usual short and to the point answers are
1. No pesticides are used in the growing of the cotton/hemp/silk ( yes organic silk) that are then used to make the fabrics.
2.No toxic chemicals or environmentally damaging dyes are used in the production of the textiles.

So this has 2 benefits
1. the negative impact on the environment lessens when organic textiles are grown and manufactured
2. There are no pesticides/chemicals or carcinogenic dyes in the clothes you wear/make being absorbed by your body when you, wear them...everyday...everynight... your entire life!

Did you know that cancer is considered an epidemic. One out of every eight woman will develop breast cancer.... Have there been any studies cross referencing the increase use of toxin used in textile manufacturing with he rise of cancer??I don't know but maybe some should..anyway I found this article at Gaiam.that goes deeper into the subject

Friday, December 5, 2008

New textile and quilt inspirations

Free Spirit the company that produces Anna Maria Horner, Heather Baily and Joel Dewberry fabrics ( and many many many more) have a new designer,  he's been designing clothes for some time, but is new to textile design. Its Jay McCarroll,sound familiar? He was the 1st winner of Project Runway, and is now designing textiles, fun,light hearted child like designs. 

Free Spirit has a great blog with pictures from the Houston Textile Mart, as well patterns, tutorials and great ideas. They focus more on quilters which is something I have never ventured in to. I was over whelmed by  the beautiful creations on this site as well as the ones that Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner post on their websites, It made me think about traditions of the quilt making process, the love and dedication that goes in making one.

Quilting doesn't just have to be for bedding, look how AMH uses quilting make a great tote bag!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Class Cancelled

Decembers Modern Skirt Class has been cancelled. It will be offered again in January! This has opened up Thursday afternoons for another class, or one on one lessons. If you need help with a Holiday gift or want sewing lessons before you ask for a nice brand new sewing machine as a gift now is your time to learn!