Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've been a busy bee lately, I have a lot of new thing happing at the store. New classes, a cloth diaper revolution is coming your way... Most of my time has been spent starting an Etsy store here is a preview of my baby slings called NINNY SLINGS that I designed, and have been making as gifts to friends and family, so after many request to offer them for sale ,coming in January they will be for sale in the store and on Etsy as well as a selection of fabric and nursing shawls

My slings are unique because they have a pocket large enough for a diaper, wipes and your wallet, for those quick trips to the store when you dont need to luge a diaper bag in. As well as a d-ring for your keys or a to hook a small toy.

They are reverse able and can double as a changing pad

Jamie from WOCK gave me a great hair cut on friday! yes it short very very very short and I love it! I love how cutting off a bunch of hair makes your feel thinner. She even came to me at the store, I have been working with her husband Tom sewing reverse able bamboo knit hats that will be for sale at Alchemy Boutique soon

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Kelly said...

You are so clever!

When my kids were babies I often carried my wallet in my sling, just tucked in with the baby. Well, one day while I was crossing the stepping stones in the Japanese garden at Maymont I dropped my wallet right into the pond. Yes, with babe in sling, I had to stick my hand into the pond to retrieve the darn thing. I was sure that I would drop baby Aidan in next. Did I mention that I also had 3 year old Maddie in tow? It was insane.

So, I think you are a genius!