Friday, December 5, 2008

New textile and quilt inspirations

Free Spirit the company that produces Anna Maria Horner, Heather Baily and Joel Dewberry fabrics ( and many many many more) have a new designer,  he's been designing clothes for some time, but is new to textile design. Its Jay McCarroll,sound familiar? He was the 1st winner of Project Runway, and is now designing textiles, fun,light hearted child like designs. 

Free Spirit has a great blog with pictures from the Houston Textile Mart, as well patterns, tutorials and great ideas. They focus more on quilters which is something I have never ventured in to. I was over whelmed by  the beautiful creations on this site as well as the ones that Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner post on their websites, It made me think about traditions of the quilt making process, the love and dedication that goes in making one.

Quilting doesn't just have to be for bedding, look how AMH uses quilting make a great tote bag!

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