Monday, December 8, 2008

What's so special about Organics?

Offering a variety of organic fabrics is very important at fleur fabrics. Some customers are very new to the "green" movement and I am asked often by customers...

What's so special about organic fabric? ....hmm what is so special about em?

My usual short and to the point answers are
1. No pesticides are used in the growing of the cotton/hemp/silk ( yes organic silk) that are then used to make the fabrics.
2.No toxic chemicals or environmentally damaging dyes are used in the production of the textiles.

So this has 2 benefits
1. the negative impact on the environment lessens when organic textiles are grown and manufactured
2. There are no pesticides/chemicals or carcinogenic dyes in the clothes you wear/make being absorbed by your body when you, wear them...everyday...everynight... your entire life!

Did you know that cancer is considered an epidemic. One out of every eight woman will develop breast cancer.... Have there been any studies cross referencing the increase use of toxin used in textile manufacturing with he rise of cancer??I don't know but maybe some should..anyway I found this article at Gaiam.that goes deeper into the subject

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