Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fabric Stash Swap Meet

When all the craziness of the holidays have settled, and the champagne from New Years has worn off. We tend to come out of the Holiday fogs, and clean! In stead of throwing away, those scraps of fabrics that you dont need or want anymore, come to fleur's 1st Fabric Stash Swap. Maybe some will cherish that piece of fabric that you can't stand looking at anymore.. and maybe you will find a great treasure!!

Its free to participate but you must bring items to swap! This is a donation type of swap, be willing to give away what you have brought even if you walk away empty handed.

Tea and coco will be served!!


Anonymous said...

yay! i hope to be there!

SewAmy said...

this sounds fun. I will try to make it.