Thursday, May 28, 2009


20% off all fabric ( includes organics DOEST NOT include all ready on sale items) this Saturday May 30th only to celebrate my birthday/mothers day/wedding anniversary month! Just mention my BLOG when you check out!!


fleur is hosting another fabulous FABRIC SWAP this Saturday from 2-4pm. Again this is a casual bring something to take some swap. If you would like to participate but do not have any items to donate we have a 2 dollar collection box for Art on Wheels. All left over materials will be donated to Richmond Stuff.
Cheers Jenny

Friday, May 22, 2009

Upcycling plastic bottles tutorial with Rupa

Rupa and I made coin purses from recycled soda bottles. Enjoy....

what you need to get started
exacto knife, pen, thick sharp needle, thread we used silamide, zipper

cut the bottoms off

you need 2 bottles per coin purse

mark you holes 1/2 inch apart

use your needle to puncture the plastic we used a curve hopolstery needle

sew your zipper on the inside of the bottle bottom

trim off the zipper ends to make sure there is no space where the zipper meets itself

sew the zipper to the other bottle bottom

voila! all done, now you have new coin purse!

What do with the rest of the bottle? We made ours into trumpets

If would like to make these come by and pick up some bottles we have lot!

Monday, May 18, 2009

London Calling

the dress on the right

I had a customer a few weeks ago come in and show me a dress in a Lucky magazine. Asking if I had ever seen fabric that was similar to the dress. I had seen it...somewhere... but I could not remember where. I searched though my wholesalers to see if I could find it. But I did not,I was bummed that i could not locate it for her. I love the thrill of the hunt, Im a total scavenger hunt addict. I was browsing though the Roberkaufman site today when I spotted it! JACKPOT! the first time I had seen it was in an teaser email the company had sent about new lines that where coming this spring. I did not get that customers name or contact info. So if you out there and read my simple little blog... here you go.

p.s. if you want me to order it, no problem just give me a call 612-9198 ( I wouldn't mind getting my hands on it either!!)

Cheers Jenny

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Don't pet a snake backwards and other life lessons

After the spending the better part of the last 5 years working on films I have learned a few things about getting along with people. You see when you work in the film industry you are forced to work very closely with different types of people from different backgrounds, nationalities, ages and vocations, and in very intense and stressful situations ( I once had Terrance Malick stare me in the eye while screaming for more armoured hats ). You make fast friends and can make even faster enemies.

Movie productions an be very causal places, no one hardly ever wears a suit or dresses. The costume designer or the producer can look just like a set dresser or hair and makeup. That person you snarked at in the craft service table for not recycling their coffee cup, could be the director!

My point is people aren't always who you perceive them to be, you know the old phase don't judge a book by is cover.

The other funny thing about films is that the person who is dressing background actors or making fake plies of horse poop on one film could be your supervisor or gang boss on the next film. Positions aren't locked from film to film. The lesson here, treat everyone with the same amount of respect. The same people you step on to succeed in life WILL be the same people you see on the way down.

The last lesson that working in the film bz has taught me is if you make a mistake, own up to it. Its called accountability and I think its greatly lacking in most of the professional world. If you screw up own up to it, most issues can be fixed, an apology goes a long way.

This may seem like a random post, the few of you that were at the VAC this afternoon probably understand, why I am posting this. I dont feel the need to re-hash or bash anyone or another business so I will leave it at this.

Don't judge me on how I look, don't assume that I'm not an important member of my community because I am tattooed, when you speak to someone look them in the eye and if you know you have done any of these things, an apology goes a long way!
Thanks for the vent, I feel much better.

Cheers Jenny

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jonny Z

yes he is peeing...

Two years ago today a good friend of mine and Drus unexpectedly died when he fell off the Nickel Bridge. Jonny and I had our ups and downs but he was a great friend and we miss him. His life and his death deeply changed how I view life and how I treat others. Our relationship with people, friend and family are all that really matter, material possessions truly mean nothing.

He was a great inspiration for me to open my store and is part of the reason I named it fleur. There is a tiny alter tucked away in a corner of my store for him, next time you come take a look and I will tell the store about the name.

I believe that Jonny comes and visits me every once an while and looks over Brix (I'll tell those stories too). Where ever he is I know he is taking care my Kevin kat, Casius the snake and the little one we just lost.

love u Jonny

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alabama Chanin

After the down pour yesterday I have dried off, and decided to take it easy today. My sister, her husband and their 6 month old twins Nicky and Mary Helen paid me a visit on there drive from Alexandria to Chapel Hill. Nothing like smiling cooing babies to eaze the stress Jackie stopped by to pick up her oilcloth order, and dropped off fliers for Art 24 with Natalie Chanin at the Visual Art Center and then i spent my last hour in the shop flipping thur her website. So in the sprit of sustainable living fleur was so excited when I was asked to be there as a vendor selling Ninny's Nappies .

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Market Emporium

Come check out Ninnys Nappies at the Market Emporium at Bryan Park today May 5th from 3-7. The shop is still open Katie will be slinging fabric!