Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jonny Z

yes he is peeing...

Two years ago today a good friend of mine and Drus unexpectedly died when he fell off the Nickel Bridge. Jonny and I had our ups and downs but he was a great friend and we miss him. His life and his death deeply changed how I view life and how I treat others. Our relationship with people, friend and family are all that really matter, material possessions truly mean nothing.

He was a great inspiration for me to open my store and is part of the reason I named it fleur. There is a tiny alter tucked away in a corner of my store for him, next time you come take a look and I will tell the store about the name.

I believe that Jonny comes and visits me every once an while and looks over Brix (I'll tell those stories too). Where ever he is I know he is taking care my Kevin kat, Casius the snake and the little one we just lost.

love u Jonny


amy said...

classic jonny pics. great memories.
and he is def taking care of your little one....

suzanne said...

thinking of you. thoughts to those who love and experience loss. those who share laugher and tears.