Friday, May 22, 2009

Upcycling plastic bottles tutorial with Rupa

Rupa and I made coin purses from recycled soda bottles. Enjoy....

what you need to get started
exacto knife, pen, thick sharp needle, thread we used silamide, zipper

cut the bottoms off

you need 2 bottles per coin purse

mark you holes 1/2 inch apart

use your needle to puncture the plastic we used a curve hopolstery needle

sew your zipper on the inside of the bottle bottom

trim off the zipper ends to make sure there is no space where the zipper meets itself

sew the zipper to the other bottle bottom

voila! all done, now you have new coin purse!

What do with the rest of the bottle? We made ours into trumpets

If would like to make these come by and pick up some bottles we have lot!

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