Wednesday, October 21, 2009

panda bento

panda bento
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I just made my 1st bento box lunch for Brixton. He is the only kid in his class who brings his lunch, 1. because he is the only vegetarian, 2. because we eat 80 to 90 % organic, so I feel that it is my responsibility to provide a lunch that is up to my standards. I never want him to fell different, weird or the odd man out because of this, so I try to make his lunches fun, exciting and something to be envied! probably because way back in 1983/84 when I was 7 or 8 ish and I declared my vegetarianism I was completely ridiculed by my fellow peer for years.

Any way I have always been aware of the world of bento boxes but it wasnt until I found this that I really got excited about doing my own! so here is my 1st. You can find tons of info on where to by them, recipes, and other blogs devoted to bento. I bought mine at J-Box, I really tried to buy one locally, I searched everywhere, Tan A market, World Of Mirth,Mongrels, no luck. The only place I found them was at Tokyo Market, but the ones that the wonderful owner had where very grown up or too big, she did share with me a few stores of the bento boxes she had while growing, and if I ever buy one for my self I will surely get there! I did buy some child size chopsticks with lions on them! Enjoy! and hope my little guy enjoys his surprise tomorrow


Pint Size said...

missed reading your blog....this is soooo awesome.

MonkeyDogStudio said...

If you ever need some bento ideas, my friend Jen makes some AWESOME bentos for her son and husband. I don't think everything is veg, but she does a lot of organic. She's got a set of food on flickr: