Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be My Fabric Buyer receive 15% discount

fleur will be placing 2 orders this week for new spring fabric. I would love to hear your feed back.

Im really inspired by the colors of the ocean, teals, sea foams, and sandy browns, as well as underwater prints of fish and squirmy mermaids.

Amy Butler's Daisy Chains has great blue and grey tones.

I am also inspired by EESOMES squid fabric on one of her back pack that sits right in front of my computer. Heather Ross has some really fun clever aquarium prints.

Its also time for some new oilcloth!.
Poka dots are always a favorite and they have a new cherry print that I think needs find its way here.

So if you see some you like leave a comment and receive a 15% discount when the fabric arrives!!

this is for AMY


amy said...

ahh!! i love it!! i like to call them babushkas, although i don't think thats the proper term for the stacking dolls.
anyway i love the prairie gothic too:

i love the mermaids with the squids!

fleur fabrics said...

thats funny I really like the prairie gothic too! But have never ordered because i thought it was to bright for most people!!

amy said...

no way - i love it and was considering it for the crib. i love the bugs!

fleur fabrics said...

oh yeah I forgot about your bees!!

Whitney said...

Please Please PLEASE order the sea life prints from that way gal! I've had my eyes on that for a while and LOVE it. Also, any more oil cloth would be fantastic- i'm going through it faster than I thought! Thanks Jenny

fleur fabrics said...

Yes the mermaids have made the list! Which oil cloth do you like I have such a hard time picking.