Thursday, July 30, 2009

Volcanos & Tigers

Free summer activities, make a paper mache volcano, paint it, then watch it explode.

Materials need=
1/2 cup flour+ 3 cups water= homemade paste
ripped up newspaper
some sort of frame, we used left over wire bunny keep out fencing
plastic cup
card board box
tin foil
baking soda and vinegar

line a card board box with tin foil

make a frame from wire, and place a plastic cup at the top

make paste from flour and water

rip strips of newspaper dip in paste and shape a volcano

pretend to be a tiger while the paste dries

add baking soda, vinegar and some food coloring and sit back and watch it explode!!

"Do it again MOMMY!" buy lots of baking soda you will be asked to repeat!!!

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