Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Retail Therapy & Vietri

It was a rough week around here so I needed some retail therapy, my kind of therapy is thrift store scores!! Brix I only went to two place and we discovered some great finds.

Brown and cream sugar and creamer set ( Anthropologie eat your heart out!)

The plate in the middle matches 2 plates and 2 bowls that I have been collecting for a few years, the lettuce plates are vietri and are for my mom, she has been collecting veggie plates and dishes since I can remember.So when I saw the acorn and apple dishes I thought maybe I'll start my own veggie themed dish collection, prints above are Jim Callahan.

This her collection,the avocados and squash pitchers are my favorite

She and my dad have a pretty intense vietri obsession. The company is Italian and located in N.C. just like them.

I have few pieces to this one is my favorite

Oh don't worry Brix sourced some treats too, a dinosaur excavating kit, and frog galoshes ( not pictured because he slept with them on for 3 days!) Total cost for our finds=$21.49( the vietri pieces were only 1$ each!) spending time together and forgetting our woes for a few hour= priceless!

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