Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My 1st ( sort of) quilting project

this is the only pic I took I really need to document my work more!!

I did some custom nursery work for a soon to be mom. I made a cushion,pillow and soft ottoman all out from great fabric from Quilting Adventures. She also wanted me to make a "foe quit" that could be used as a back cushion and a play mat. My 1st reactions was QUILT? Ive never done real deal quilting but then she showed me the fabric, and that she just wanted the blocks stitched to "look" like it was quilted with out all those squares and shapes that frankly make my head spin, add some piping and it really turn out nice, I enjoyed it so much that I have since bought some more " cheater prints" fabric and have been designing some play mats with it.

Coincidentally I am now making another rocking chair cover and sheet set out of IKEA fabric for another soon to be mom. And some play mats that are backed with PUL for a certain little niece of mine that likes to roll around on the floor nakie!


amy said...

loves!! i'm still trying to work out how to make my "quilted" pillow for merit.

Kelly said...

I love the ottoman! I have been lusting over that pattern for a while now!

fleur said...

Kelly, if you want to copy the pattern from me your welcome too. That was my bonus for the project I got to keep the pattern and all the left over fabric!!

We should all have a pattern swap some time!