Sunday, December 6, 2009

The BOSS LADY Calendar and give away!

The 2010 Boss Lady Pinup Calendar featuring female business owners of Richmond, VA. On Sale NOW! $10 online pre-sale until December 15th or $12 in the stores!

Featuring the owners of Gallery 5, Ecologic, Vamps & Vixens Makeup Studio, Ninny’s Nappies (formerly Fleur Fabrics), Sprout (formerly AllStar Market & Deli), Cafe Gutenberg, Sweetest Thing Bakery, Halcyon, Rumors, Nicola Flora, House of Lukaya, and Scoot!

Guess which legs are mine and win a free start up cloth menstrual pack or one ALL in One organic cloth diaper!! Leave your guess plus you choice in the comment section ( if choosing the diaper specify boy/girl or unisex!)


quip said...

I'm pretty sure at one point you told me which set up was yours but I can't remember! Otherwise I'd dominate this competition!

jaycee said...

is that you with the ironing board? it's the only thing i'm sure of having to do with fabric/sewing, so it's my guess ... if that's right, i'll take the mama cloth! ;-)

Shelly said...

I'm guess the ironing board as well. That seemed to be the only one that made sense. I'd also be interested in mama cloth.

amy said...

i'm guessing ironing board too!
i'd like a unixes diaper please!

fleur said...

Yeah I guess its pretty obvious!! I will draw a winner on monday, the ol'pick a number trick!!

noe said...

all your pads at ellwood's are pink. do you make any that aren't?

also what is the fabulously soft material you use for the liners?

i love your products!

fleur said...

Thanks Noe!
I am currently working on ones that have a purple floral print and lavender back, cup cake prints and white back, and breast cancer ribbon print and white back. I use organic bamboo fleece for the pad part, and the liners.

If you have specific color/print combo you would like please email me I love doing custom work!

Anonymous said...

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