Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilting Adventures LOOT


Im so happy that Quilting Adventures has moved closer to me, its new store is located next to the Ben Franklin at Willow Lawn a symbiotic relationship that seems to be a wise choice! Even though QA has a pretty specific product base, high end quilting fabrics and patterns, they have really great selection of embroidery threads and notions, as well as natural and hard to find fabric dyes. When ever I venture out to the fabric store its usually for a pretty specific item, for an alteration or something for a customer. I try to stop in to QA to see if they carry it before I head the the fabric super stores, and to pick up a few fat quarters here and there. Every single time I have gone in looking for that odd notion they always seem to have it and usually just one left, just waiting for me to come in and snatch it up. I had not been to the new store since they moved and was in need of a 9 inch invisible zipper in a curious shade of navy/ royal blue for a bridesmaid alteration..yup sure enough they had it! I also picked up a Sublime Stitching transfer pattern of Chihuahuas, a transfer for days of the week floral tea towels, and few fat quarters.
Now that Mercury is out of retrograde, and we have had a few days of nice weather, I'm feeling a lot more creative and have started a few projects for my self.Amy came over today to have an embroidery party, we ended up playing with her daughter Merit more then sewing but I showed her a few simple stitches and she borrowed a great book, that helped me alot when I 1st dove into the craft. I feel a sewing circle in the works especially now that Blair has a new machine!

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quip said...

I feel the same way about quilting adventures! I usually just go with my sister and then I find something I some how must buy! I also think that you should start a sewing group so I don't have to sew alone.