Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vegan Stuff

No I'm not vegan,( right now I was for 4 yrs) but given the choice I will always choose vegan food. I eat a very small amount of cheese, and usually only goat cheese. I have not drank cows milk in over 6 years, but I do eat eggs, local free range, and organic if I'm feeling like the splurge ( my neighbour down the street has 3 new chickens I'm dying to ask for some eggs)

One thing I always, always eat vegan is dessert, whether I make it my self or buy it. Mostly because I feel if I'm going to indulge I want it to be as healthy as possible and vegan ingredients are usually of a higher standard.

So I was delighted while grocery shopping today I stumbled upon a new ( or new to me) line of vegan gummy candy! Usually something that is totally off limits to vegetarian and vegan due to the gelatin.

I am also trying my hand at vegan goat cheese.

And after 5 yrs, 4 films, countless shifts at 821, 1 1/2 pregnancies my Danskos have bit the dust, and since they don't make non leather Mary Janes any more I have my eye on these solely for just working in!

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