Friday, March 27, 2009

Crocs rock

Tattoo by Jeff Eden, image by Klimt

I want these too

My dear sweet husband bought me a brand new pair of leopard print crocs this weekend, and today was the 1st nice day I could sport them! I am so in love with the company because they do not use leather, and make really cute simple shoes, that are beyond comfortable, inexpensive and last for ever. You can even recycle them when your kids grow out of them, how cool is that!

I have been hearing rumors that they may go out business, so if you need new shoes this summer, support Crocs they make so many different styles now for women and kids.


Cosmo said...

I have those shoes in silver. I wear them constantly. I just saw the leopard online the other day, but wasn't too sure about them. They look great on you.

SewAmy said...

those are cool.