Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Local Goods

Fleur Fabrics would like a to start a conversation with local designers and crafters, about selling there goods here!

What are positive and negative experiances you have had selling your crafts in retails stores?

What kind of space would be ideal?

What are your display needs?

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jennie lynn said...

hello -

I think that is a lovely idea.

I've always had a largely positive experience in the past selling my handmade pieces in a retail setting (but I worked at the store in question so I have a warm relationship with the staff)

I would be interested in selling my stuffed animals at fleur if you'd like. You can see pictures of some of them in my etsy store under the sold items (the store itself is pretty bare right now) or I can e-mail you some pictures.

I hope the store is doing well, I'll try to make it back up there soon!
(oh, and this is Jennie, I met you at craft night)