Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do the Math

So I've spent my morning making cloth diapers, and I can't tell you how quick and easy they are! I wanted to "Do the Math" on the cost of making them. Most of the time it is cost effective to make things your self, but sometimes it is not.

So I wanted to prove to my self and to my customers the price of making your own Cloth Diapers goes

I calculated in terms of 5 diapers because you can get 5 diapers very nicely out 1 1/8 yard of 60 inch wide PUL.
These prices are based on the fabrics and supplies that I carry and average price of non organic fleece and terry so it can vary up or down depending where you purchase, if its on sale etc...
This is for an All in One/ pocket, adjustable diaper YES !! I said adjustable this diaper will go from 7 pounds to 30 pounds( I combined the best parts of 2 diapers styles) similar to the Bum Genius diaper which retails for $24.95

1 1/8 PUL =12.64
1 1/8 organic bamboo fleece= 17.83
3/4 orangic terry cloth=10.13
10 yard FOE elastic= 10.00
90 snap sets =18.00
total= 68.60 X 5 = 13.72 each diaper

if you use organic cotton fleece
1 1/8 = 14.95
total= 65.72x 5= 13.14 each diaper

if you use non organic fleece and terry cloth
1 1/8= 6.90
totals= 52.79x5=10.56 each diaper

Experts estimate that one baby needs roughly 20 diapers so times each diaper by 20 and you get...

organic bamboo fleece=274.40 + tax= 288.12
organic cotton fleece= 262.80 + tax= 275.94
reg. fleece= 211.16 + tax=221.71

The average organic cloth diaper ranges in price from $ 18 to $ 36 each, non organics range from $16 to $24. These usually do not come with soaker pads, these range about 3.50 each.Soakers are included in my calculation's ( thats what the terry cloth is for).

I found a great site called Diaper Decisions. That breaks down the cost of disposables and cloth diapers and what people spent on average each year on both.

So by making your own, you will save an average of $10 to $20 each on organic cloth diapers and $9 to $15 each on non organic cloth diapers.WOW!!
Even though my son is 2 1/2 and hopefully will be totally potty trained soon. I am switching over. Because its a one time cost, if I make them now I can use them for my next baby.... and when I done having babies I can give them to a new mom what a great gift to give some one.


Momma said...

I wait for the Blueberry outlet to have a sale. Buy four diapers and get them for $9 each, no inserts though.

Love cloth!! Good on ya for looking for a cloth solution!

fleur fabrics said...

Great site!! I've never been there before.

Just today I discovered mirco fiber dishtowel ( or bar towels). You can buy 3 for 6.99 at target and get 2 soakers out of each towel!!

6 soakers for 7 bucks!!