Sunday, January 18, 2009

Swap Success!

WOW! I was blown away by the turn out at the Fabric Swap this Saturday! Thank you to everyone that came out, I hope you all found some great treasures.

I intended on donating ALL that was left to the Craft Room and the Children's Museum, well when I told them I had 7 bags, they were grateful but only asked for 2. So I sent some with Karen to the Craft Mafia's swap on Sunday. But I still have alot left over.

Instead of dropping it all off at the thrift store I have decided to have bin in the store of the free fabric for any one to dig though. One catch though... take piece leave a piece. This is a great concept, Chop Suey does it and both Nordstrom
( with shoes ) and Urban Outfitters ( with used jeans) were founded on this idea. So starting next week the fabric will be available for "trade" in the store. In addition there will be a small white pail for donations to a group that make bereavement dolls with children. More info about the group will be available in the store or contact ,Suzanne

this is Suzanne's cute shopping basket!

Sorry about the lack of post, the next few weeks might be a bit lean here. I will be wearing my seamstress hat till mid April. I have been commissioned to make, 4 different home decor projects, a mother of the bride dress, and wedding dress for July!! I know its crazy.

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Cindy Is Crafty said...

Quilting Adventures on Staples Mill takes fabric donations for the charity quilts they make. You might consider donating it there. Joyce is the owner and you may give her a call.