Sunday, April 5, 2009


Kate one of my fabulous assistants who is currently helping me get my etsy site bumping and we have a really exciting project/ tutorial in the works, DIY deodorant, bug spray and face cleanser. We will be posting a step by step tutorial of each , including hits and tips on DIY skin care and over all beauty and health care, like body brushing.

What does this have to do with sewing you ask?? Well that's the beauty of owning your own business you get to go with flow and follow what ever mood strikes you, we were both stoked ( I've been hanging out the with the cooks at 821 to much!) on DIY beauty care Kate even had a whole book on it, and you didn't have to twist my arm to make a trip to Ellwoods to stock up on supplies like tea tree oil and sweet almond oil.

Maybe we will even start teaching classes on it!!...

so I asked Kate a few questions, and yes I based them on the questions that Burda and Skirt Magazine use, yeah there good questions, and Im no journalist.

Where are you from?
- I was born in Glen Rose, Tx and lived in the small town for 12 years. It's true, I'm a southern bell....of sorts. But then I moved to Phoenix, Az for a year and then Boston, and finally Virginia.
Where do you live now?
- I live in the amazing museum district of Richmond, Va!

When and why did you start sewing?
- I starting sewing at a young age, probably 8 or 9. My mom bought a package of felt ornaments, you know the kind where the pattern is printed on the felt and then you add beads and sequins. This was the beginning of a life long love affair with all things sparkly and resulted in my purchase of a bedazzler last year. I would sew small things like that with my mom, but then stopped sewing for almost 10 years because I didn't have much of an interest and school was crazy/etc. Then my mom gave me a sewing machine for my 18th birthday and I've been crafting since.
- The reason I started sewing was obviously because my mom and I started a fun project, but also because her and my grandmother were amazing seamstresses. They were always whipping up something for the grandkids like easter dresses.......I wonder if my nanny would make one for me now, haha.

What project are you working on right now?
-Currently I have a few projects on the table, most important is the veil for my best friends wedding! I am really excited for this project, but I'm also nervous! I also have some hankies to finish and a dress. Unfortunately I like to start a project and leave it mid way, then begin something new.

What is your favorite sewing playlist?
-This is tuff!!!! Yes, tuff, kind of like the ridiculous cat posters from elementary school. I go in phases with my music, some times I really need some pop punk, sometimes I need some good folk, but I'll say the end all be all is anything by Owen. His real name is Mike Kinsella, one of the orignial members of Joan of Arc and a zillion other bands.

What is your favorite sewing/craft blog?
-Again, this is hard I read about 20 daily. Ok, I lied it's not that difficult. I LOVE wedding blogs at the moment and Snippet and Ink has an amazing blog that has DIY's and inspiration for weddings. . I also love Design Dig, she has a great taste for design, although she just appreciates other people's work. She's the featured blog on the bulletin board so check her out!

If you could make anything no matter how intricate or "difficult" what would it be?
-Ugh, what wouldn't I make. I'm an experimenter so I'll try anything once, but I dream about making my own beautiful gown! (wedding or not)

What are your other interests besides sewing/crafting?
- Well I do love a good nap in the sun at maymont! I also love to read and hang with my gal pals.

What is your life "motto" or favorite quote?
- I'll try anything once!
- And Try to learn something new every day!


amy said...

i have all kinds of ingredients for organic lotion (a little side project of mine at work), let me know if you would want to go that route as well....

(ps the word verification to post today is "sewin" - how perfect!)

Ooh Baby! said...

i look forward to the tutorial.