Monday, April 13, 2009

Plastic Crafts and more interviews

Rupa is also in the store almost every week helping me get organized. Cataloging my patterns and the secret fabric stash I keep hidden behind the curtain.

Both Rupa and I are very passionate about recycling, reducing waste, and DIY. We found two crafts that recycle plastic on craftzine and decided to test them out. Stay tuned for tutorials on both projects!

I asked Rupa a few questions so you can get to know her better.

Where are you from?
I was born in Chennai, India - moved to the USA when I was 6 and have been living in MD/NOVA area since. Nothin really exciting there!

Where do you live now?
After getting married last August, I moved to Richmond to live with my hubby in the museum district.

When and why did you start sewing?
Ahm, first time I really started sewing was about 2 months ago when I took a lesson with Jenny! I love making things and sewing was one thing I hadn't tried ...well since home-economics in high school where I hand stitched my elephant pillow to my skirt!

What project are you working on right now?
Let's see I am working on a collection of bibs for family and friends. Now the bibs will never get done unless I can figure out how to put the snaps on without smooshing the snap! Also working on different types of binding for books, a 2nd pillow cover for my couch and my brain is thinking up a recycled postcards w/sewn design work type thing.

What is your favorite sewing playlist? ( this could be an album, soundtrack, or random playlist)
Okie so I have become obsessed with soap net since I am currently unemployed so the TV will be tuned to watch the original Beverly Hills 90210....and sometimes I just like the sound of the sewing machine.
What is your favorite sewing/craft blog?
Since the sewing world is new to me, I am just getting into the sewing blogs...but I really look into anything that is green and crafty so at the moment I am reading...crafting green world

If you could make anything no matter how intricate or " difficult" what would it be?
Ah...after cleaning/organizing Jenny's patterns I would love love love to make an dress from a vintage pattern...that is after I learn how to read patterns!

What are you other interests besides sewing/crafting?
oh + books + saving the planet + photography and laughing/sharing memories in beautiful weather with freinds + family.

What is your life" motto"?
Never be content with your life, you can and should always do more.

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