Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentines Day

Brix and I made Valentines for his friends and teachers. His were Lightning McQueen store bought Valentines that he decided to cut into teeny tiny pieces with his new scissors, so we coll aged them on to stock paper and cut them into hearts!

I made reusable heart hand warmers filled with rice for his teachers, with fabric that came from a fabric swap!

We all chilled out today, I made sesame seed bread and pumpkin seed brownies both from my favorite cook book La Dolce Vegan.

We did do a massive cleaning of the front of the house, you know the kind on your hands and knees scrubing the base boards kind of cleaning, there was also a trip up to the attic to look at baby equipment, which has now prompted me to completely clean out the attic, a nice sunday in April I think will get a baby sitter and tackle it. Baby kicks and thuds are becoming more frequent soon we will out if its a boy or girl! stay tuned!
4 months

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