Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thats Why We Don't Eat Animals reason #2

"It should be a compliment to be called a pig! Pigs are some of the smartest , cleanest and most sensitive animals on planet Earth.

Free pigs live with their families and friends. Snorting and whistling they recognize each other's voices from far away. They root for food, wrestle and play ball in the sun, but they don't sweat like we do to keep cool when they play. They take mud baths to cool off instead. A muddy pig is a wise pig.

A factory farm pig may spend her whole life alone, fattened in a pen so tiny that she won't even be able to turn around. A free pig never poops where she eats or sleeps, but on a factory farm she has no choice.

Pigs need the sight, sound and touch of one another. Sometimes they snuggle so close its hard to get them apart. LOVE is part of their nature." Ruby Ross


amy said...

remind me to tell you my pig story

fleur said...

oh no is it good or bad??
does it involve a felted monkey?