Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thats Why We Don't Eat Animals reason #1

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My husband and I stumbled upon this book at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago on a rainy Sunday with nothing else to do, we usually hit the book store, coffee/tea, a glance at magazines, while the boy plays at the train set, and looks at books.
It is important to us to raise our son as a vegetarian and to live a cruelty free life, and I realize some day that he will probably be curious and try meat, but our main goal is to instill in him the purpose, the value, the meaning and the cause and effect our life styles have.
When I read this book I was amazed at the honesty it carries, it is truthful and real, it does not dump down factory farm life for these animals, but in the same way it is not scary or gruesome for a 3 year, old it is in perfect balance!

I was 7 or 8 when I declared my vegetarianism in a family of 5 meat eaters with no vegetarian role model or teacher. I cant really explain what prompted me to want to live this way at such an early age, (although the book Charlotte's Web had some influence) I can say that even at that age I knew it had more to do with not wanting cute animals to be killed and eaten, I had an impression of a bigger picture, (maybe an impression from a previous life) it was, at that time a protest to me. I will not take part in this process! I am young but I will make a stand, I can be heard.

It was something that I never questioned not once in 25 years. It is my strongest belief and faith.

Another book that helped me to understand my views and beliefs was Ismael by Daniel Quinn, it is a story about a highly intelligent talking Gorilla that teaches a young man the story of how things came to be the way they are. How Mother Culture dictates to us how we live and why we do the things we do even if they make no sense at all. It is an amazing book and a must read for any teenager it deals with more then just animal rights it teaches us to question our cultural rules and habits and how every person has the ability to change anything they set their thoughts upon.

Here an excerpt from the book I will be posting one each week

" When a Turkey dances, jumps, gobbles and flaps its wings, other join in celebration. Turkeys also mourn together, sharing each other sadness. They're so sensitive that they even blush. Their snoods change color depending on their mood.
When the moon rises, wild turkeys fly to the tree tops to roost for the night, gathering together beneath each others wings.
A factory farmed turkey will never get to use her wings at all. Turkeys raised for meat are fattened until they become too heavy to fly" author - Ruby Roth

And yes turkeys CAN fly, wild turkeys are able to fly at low heights, their flight ability is directly related to their weight. It is only because mother culture has taught and shown you that the turkey that is fattened for you plate can not fly that you have believed it as true.

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