Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Closing up shop

I have been dreading this post, but the time has come to let all of you know that I be will closing my store front June 30th. It was a really tough decision, & those of you that have helped and supported me this past year know how hard it was to make. I went back and forth about it ( sometimes minute to minute!)

I want to be clear though, I am closing my store NOT going out of business. I will simply be working out of a studio in my house. My etsy store will remain up and running and I will continue to teach sewing classes starting in July at Rumors Boutique. My diapers and womens pads will be available at Ellwoods in 2 weeks, and at Alchemy Boutique, ( hopefully Wholefoods soon!!) I will also continue to do custom work and alterations. Plus you can come see me every tuesday at the Bryan Park Farmers market and occasionally at the South of the James Market.

EVERYTHING in the store is 20% except diapers and accessories. Most of the store fixtures are for sale as well, including my much coveted custom designed cutting table. Fixtures will be posted on craigslist next week, so if you want something come in this week to put it on hold! Email me to find out about pricing.

Having my store has been such an amazing positive experience I have meet so many incredible people. I have enjoyed teaching you to sew, and seeing /hearing about the things you have made with my fabric. I have learned though this last crazy year that my passion truly is creating, I need to create to be happy healthy and alive, while the store gave me an opportunity to do this, the 'extras' involved in running a retail business steered me away from my passion. This time last year I new very little about cloth diapering, I never dreamed that I would love making them and talking about them.

I want to thank Katie and Rupa for getting me organized and keeping me company I don't think you will ever know how much you both have helped me and kept me sane. Thank you Lia for all your advice and being truthful even if it hurt a little, I am so glad to see you so happy. Thank you Tom for our long,long talks and stories, and my awesome business cards. Thank you Sarah for all the design work you have been doing, your not off the hook yet though!!

I have some really great ideas for my blog its going to get better and a bigger!!

Cheers Jenny

PS as I was typing this blog to you a huge fly flew in my wine I took a sip , noticed something chunky and spit it out. I am traumatized, the only thing that can make it better...more wine ( in a clean glass)


Amy said...

Damn! I'm really sorry to see your store go, but I love that you're teaming up with Rumors. Neither of your stores were here when I moved to Richmond 4 years ago and your presence has only made it better, especially for VCU fashion students and grads.

I hope you keep up the good work!


amy said...

don't worry - i'm sure my continuing baby needs will keep you paid!

April said...

So sad to see the store go, but I hope this allows you to focus on the wonderful sewing that you do!

lsaspacey said...

Too bad. I'm sorry that you are closing. I actually just wrote about you and U-Fab last week on my blog here. I wrote how lucky I was that there were now fabric stores in the actual city of Richmond and not 30 minutes away. Hopefully someone else will take up the mantel for the urban sewist and use your cool store as an example. Good luck!

I'll be in before you leave though because I remember that you carry fold-over-elastic!

JRS said...

Hi there, I'm not in Richmond but I'm sorry to see that you closed your store. It looked fabulous. A friend and I are getting ready to open a similar venture in Pittsburgh. If you still have *any* of the fixtures you're interested in selling--shelving, cutting table, whatever, we would be interested in buying them from you. Please email me at jillrachele AT yahoo DOT com if you have any to sell. Best of luck setting up your home studio!