Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Studio Stage 1

Ok, mentally I have closed the store and have been planning how to arrange my home studio in my mind. Small steps have been taken already, certain pieces of furniture have been allocated to stay in the studio, aka the sewing room or the cats room ( thats where Kevin Gene spent most of him time before passing this winter). Ive got all the key players, cutting table, swivel chair, bookcases and storage bins, cute Ikea draws to hold knick knacks, etc... if you have been in my store you feel my aesthetic, lots of wood simple design Its gonna be a tight fit! So Im going to share with the process with you !


Its your typical "catch all" room, its an office,music room, storage, ironing room.Its always been kept clean and tidy and everything is up against the walls so the middle of the room is bare. Oh ! and there is a great walk though closet with 2 doors. Right now its full JZ's music equipement! Most of what is in the pictures has already or will be put in the attic. and yes yes its pink, I know I wanted to do a whole Parisian pink, black and white thing in there, I was 5 months pregnant when I choose the paint colors in the house, needless to say each room is being re painted one by one. Unfortunately I probably wont repaint this room, its actually not that bad!

Anyone have some great studio organizing tips? send them to me with pics and I will post em up!

Cheers Jenny


Amy said...

My "sewing room" is my living room. While I wouldn't necessarily call it clean, there are parts I consider cleverly organized:) But one of those links you posted inspired me to re-organize my fabric stash vertically so I can see all the fabrics from the sides and access them from the top. So, thanks!

My flickr set has comments for some of the photos:

amy said...

i don't really have any tips, although i've been cleaning and tossing stuff all weekend - culminated by a much needed yard sale. ANYWAY. i noticed you have maximus' tank - don't toss it! i'm hoping we can collect them for science class at PHSSA. if you want to bring it over, i'll store it in the shed with the rest of mine.
good luck!

Dawn Anderson said...