Friday, June 5, 2009

Lighten the Load

Ok people its time to get move 'n literally! I need to sell as much stuff as possible in the next 3 weeks. I dont have room for a quarter of this stuff in my house.

Heres the deal all the fixtures that are for sale are priced at what I bough them for . Im just trying to break even not a profit! Deals can be made if you purchase multiple items.

All merchandise is 20% off if you buy the whole bolt 40% off!

You have until the 30th to pick up you items but you must pay for them to hold them. Emailing me is not enough to hold it!

Go to my flickr page to see some of what is for sale but there is a ton more. I will also be selling all my samples and displays.

Who whats 50 sugars skulls????

THREAD THERAPY starts July 23rd at Rumors 7-9pm sign up details coming soon....

Cheers Jenny

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