Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Studio Stage 2

The store is emptied and cleaned, despite my landlord not showing up for the walk though , several people not returning to pick up large pieces or furniture they had bought, and several customers project that didn't get picked up either= me having to move all of this to my house. the move went smoothly and very fast.

done and done!

Setting up the studio seems to be alot easier then i had projected, there is a lot to be said for organizing everything while you pack. I believe I learned this from watching my mom pack, as an army wife I think she has packed and moved her family a total of 18 times!!! I'm still in awe of how she does it when all 10 of us plus the 8 grand babies head to Corolla every summer.

This move did open a few can of worms, moving the desk from the studio room out into the dining room= cleaning out the entire desk, which Dru did while I took a 3 hour nap. What to do with the furniture that wasn't picked up or didn't sell that I cant bear to just donate to Diversity= sitting on my front porch until I post it all on craigslist

my front porch

Another dilemma, I have so many custom orders to fill i have to start sewing now, even though the room is only half set up. Shelves need to be hung, fabric needs to be put away, and the books have been a wee bit neglected. It will all get done maybe not today or this weekend, but eventually.

I think she looks good with the pink!

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